Travelling by ship

A lot of cruise lines lay either at the port of St. George's in Grenada or the Port of Hillsborough on Carriacou.

Since late 2004, the port of St. George's has two terminals. Up to two cruise-liners can anchor the new Melville Street Cruise Terminal and yet another ship is able to lay at the northern end of the wharf. Outside, again four cruise ships may anchor and bring their passengers ashore in small boats.

Cruise passengers leaving the terminal in the Melville Street are funneled through the new shopping center, the Esplanade Shopping Mall, and so can achieve at this way the downtown of St. George's. Other passengers disembark on the Carénage where they will also find shops and restaurants. So the cruise passengers spread quite fast over the city and rarely give rise to large crowds.

Anyone who has booked a shore excursion can take taxis at these points and explore the island on his own. The National Taxi Association offers cruise passengers also fixed excursions and island tours. 

By water taxi, you can request to get straight to the beach from Grand Anse. This is lots of fun and not at all expensive. In addition, it of course saves time because it is much quicker than driving on land!

At the Cruise Welcome Centre all cruise guests will receive information and assistance. Transportation can also be organized here, there are mini buses, rental cars, scooters or bicycles.

A list of the cruise companies can be found at:
At this page you’ll also be able to find a ‘Cruise schedule’.

People travelling with own yachts have the choice between various ports where the customs and immigration formalities can be completed. A bit of red tape must also be on Grenada. Arriving yachts should show at the mainmast of the hoist yellow Q- flag and the flag of the host country of Grenada.

Information can be obtained from the Marine & Yachting Association (MAYAG):

There are charges for yachts which depend on the largeness of a boat and they vary between EC$ 50 to 150 (about € 12-40). Cruise passengers pay a visitors tax of EC$ 8 (€ 2) per person. And guests, who arrive by plane and leaving Grenada by sea, have to pay an embarkation tax of EC $ 1 pull the trigger (about € 0.25) at the Immigration Office.