Things to notice

Even with an overcast sky, the burning UV rays of the sun through the clouds and can cause a nasty sunburn - especially in the early days of vacation. An effective sun block with a high sun protection factor is particularly important: creams, hats and T-Shirts can prevent obnoxious sunburn.

The same applies to insect repellent: especially in the mornings and evenings we run the risk of being pricked by mosquitoes and sand flies. Therefore, repellent is recommended for application to the skin and incenses for closed spaces. The insects in Grenada are annoying but they do not transmit dangerous diseases.

It can be very painful if you step on a sea urchin, fortunately they are quite rare- though, it occurs from time to time. Remove the long black spines after applying liquid wax and wait till it hardened then you can pull them out easily. If the spikes are under the skin, do not to pull them out under any circumstances -they will dissolve by themselves.


On the beach you can often spot machineel trees. Those who spend a pleasant shade, but its fruits look confusingly similar to apples. These fruits are not edible at all. Furthermore, they are toxic and can cause a severe skin rash. 

And finally, do not underestimate the coconut trees, when you’re looking for a shady spot at the beach. That means in plain language, of the coconut you get a headache worse than a hangover after enjoying Grenadian rum! So, just for your own safety: do not rest under picturesque palm-trees.