Petite Martinique

Petite Martinique is with around two square kilometers, the smallest of the three main islands. The name simply means "Little Martinique" (to distinguish from the more northerly ‘big’ Martinique, which belongs to France).

Petite Martinique is situated about 1.2 miles (or 20 minutes by boat) northeast of Carriacou and is only the tip of a volcanic cone that rises from the water. On the island sheep and goats are grazing comfortably. Because there are no natural water sources in the soil each house has a water tank to collect rain. 

That's really romantic and reminds on old times! Previously, the inhabitants lived mainly from fishing, from trade with the neighboring islands and on smuggling. Even today they are still fishing and you’ll find little workshops, which repair boats and ships. 

The beaches on the leeward side of the island are top notch, but the tourist development of Petite Martinique has just begun. So the"small Martinique" is a real jewel among the Caribbean islands!