Carriacou is located about 20 miles north of Grenada. In Caribbean language the name means ‘reef-island’. This relates to the coral reef on the east side of the island, which has a length of about 6 miles. The second largest island of the country is about 8 miles long and easily to reach with the ferry from St. George. 

On Carriacou, many of the islanders are Scottish ancestors, though the African traditions of the country - such as the drummer and ancestor worship – are much more alive than on Grenada itself, since you the impression that you take a time travel back into the past.

The terrain is hilly, but not nearly as mountainous as in Grenada. Therefore, Carriacou is a famous place for average-trained tourists and good for walking and cycling. In addition, Carriacou has fine sandy beaches and natural bays. Further, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the northern Grenadines. From here it is possible to explore the fabulous sailing and diving paradise.

An active underwater volcano close to the island called ‘Kick 'em Jenny’ reminiscent of the volcanic formation of the archipelago and provides some unusual phenomena at the water surface, which can be seen when driving past. Though, it simmers still quite nice - it is not dangerous.