Location and size

First of all, a lot of people get confused with Grenada (with e) and the famous Spanish city Granada (with a). It is said, that Spanish sailors who came first to the Caribbean island, thought the city would look like the Andalusian city Granada which simply means pomegranate. Later, the French translated the name of the city into their own language: La Grenade. Finally, the British took the French ‘e’ and the Spanish ‘a’ at the end of the word and pronounced it in English. So it has been ever since. 

Grenada belongs to a big edge of islands between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which sprawls from Mexico to Venezuela. These islands are called ‘Antilles’ or ‘West Indian Islands’ (because Columbus thought, he had discovered India). There are four big islands in the north and the rest is called the little Antilles. 

The little Antilles are divided into the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands. Complicated? There is another differentiation: the Islands of the Grenadines are divided into two independent states: The northern part of the Grenadines is part of St. Vincent and The Grenadines, while the southern part of the island groups forms the state of Grenada.

The largest of the three main islands of the state Grenada is called Grenada, too. So, living in Grenada does not necessarily mean to live at the island of Grenada. Grenada is situated 12° north of the equator and about a 100 miles north of the South American mainland. 

The state of Grenada has a total of 344 km² and is slightly larger than the European isle of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Though, Grenada is the forth-smallest country in the world- the inhabitants honour their little paradise.

The time difference to Central European Time (CET) is minus 6 hours. This is the same for the American East Coast and that means the clock has to be reset on the flight from Germany to Grenada for six hours. It is somewhat confusing in the summertime, because the residents of Grenada do not change their clocks during the summer. 
Anyhow, once you’ve arrived at Grenada time does not have an important value and you’ll see that life can be managed easily without checking the watch permanently.