Especially popular for hikers is the rain forest around the nature reserve at Grand Ètang, at the top of the mountains in the centre of Grenada. You get through different altitudes into various ecosystems. It is up to everyone, whether you are satisfied with a 15 minutes walk or if you'd rather attend strong march of several hours. A fairly challenging trail is the famous Mount Qua Qua Trail to 722 m high peak of the same mountain.

This tour takes about three hours. You can also branch off from this path to the Concord Falls. The Mount Qua Qua is another extinct volcano whose clogged funnel is filled with water and formed ​​the 530 meters high Grand Ètang. The famous National Park is named after it. Less strenuous to walk is the Shoreline Trail (riverside) along the lake shore, which can be accomplished in one and a half hours. Highly suitable for families is the short Morne Labay Trail (St. Andrew), which is to manage in about 15 minutes.

However, it is difficult when you turn right here on the St. Margaret's Trail. Since you can feel at first hand how the Indians must have felt, which are penetrated firstly through this jungle. At the end you will be rewarded by the sight of the "Seven Sisters" waterfalls, where you can cool off with a refreshing jump into the water. Only a quarter of an hour away from St. George's a light, almost two-kilometer trail through the rainforest to the Morne Gazo has been created, which is entirely covered with nutmeg shells and it feels like walking on a thick soft carpet.A great feeling! It is about 75 meters in height, and at the end of this small increase there's a viewing platform, built around a large tree. The view is one of the best on the whole archipelago.

All in all the walks through the rain forest are quite comfortable, because of the cool mountain air and the numerous shady spots under the trees. The trails here are consistently in a good condition, and there are excellent companion guides- printed on paper as well as of flesh and blood. There are even organized tours with German speaking guides (for example, SunsationTours - www.GrenadaSunsation.com). In addition, guided tours of Henry's Safari Tours (www.SpiceIsle.com /safari), Phinton Ferrier (tel. 444 9241) and Tel for Hiking Tours (tel. 442 6200) are offered. Hikers should of course bring sturdy shoes. Flip-flops have no place in the mountains at all! After a downpour, the stones can also be very smooth, and some caution is never out of place.

After all, everyone wants to come back home safely. Also recommend are long pants that cover the legs completely. This protects from insects and abrasions. And in the blazing sun, one should not overdo it. In the tropics, most people show a slightly different condition than at home.