The ocean around the two large islands of Grenada and Carriacou is an excellent place for diving. The dive sites are up to 50 meters deep, and the sight distance differs between 9 and 30 meters. In total, there are thirty unnamed dive sites around the southern tip of Grenada. A list can be found online at www.GrenadaGrenadines.com /dive_sites.html A real gem for every wreck diver is the Italian cruise liner Bianca C, which sank in 1961 after a fire in the port.

It is also called the "Titanic of the Caribbean". It has a length of 183 meters. Nowadays, the largest wreck in the Caribbean sleeps peacefully in 30 to 55 meters. Other famous shipwrecks in this area are the Shakers, the Buccaneer and the San Juan. The latest wreck - in front of Carriacou - is the 30-meter-long West Sider, which is easily accessible for experienced divers. All in all, there are about a dozen shipwrecks off the south coast of Grenada, partly just 20 minutes from the beach of Grand Anse away. So, every diving spot is quite easy to reach.

It happens quite often when you're diving that you can spot some sea dwellers such as stingrays, groupers, parrot fishes or turtles, who found a home in sunken ships. Carriacou, the reef-island, is famous for its beautiful coral gardens and the many soft corals and small animals (such as seahorses) that live there. Also crabs and octopuses are romping around in reefs.You can get more information from the friendly staff at the Tourist Department (Grenada Board of Tourism) or by the Grenada Scuba Diving Association and the Association of Diving Grenada on aquanauts[at]caribsurf[dot]com.

There are also German dive schools: The Aquanauts School(www.AquanautsGrenada.com) on Grenada and the Carriacou Silver Diving School(www.ScubaMax.com) on Carriacou. Some more German diving schools are located in Grenada at the Calabash Hotel and Beach Resort Spice Iceland. A dive - including bottles, lead weights, boat trip and leaders - will cost between $ 35 and 40 (which is about € 25-30), a night dive around U.S. $ 55 (approx € 38).

Nature conservation is taken very seriously in Grenada. The transport of plants or animals from Grenada or break off and taking corals is absolutely permitted. To import these things to Germany - as well as all products from endangered animals and plant species -is in any case prohibited. This also applies to corals, which were found on the beach and sand that contains coral pieces.