Communism in the Caribbean. 

Since 1976, Cuba is a constitutionally communistic state. Cuba has only one party that is officially approved: The Communistic Party of Cuba (PCC). It counts 800,000 members, whom will be promoted in professional and social terms. With a population of over 11 million, this number seems relatively low. More than half of the Cubans is "depoliticized" - i.e. they do not really care about political matters - in the beautiful scenery and wonderful weather one can understand the Cubans, at least to a certain extent.

Head of the State of Cuba until 2008, was famous Fidel Castro, also well-known beyond the borders of Cuba. For health reasons, his brother took up the line of succession. More members of the government are included in the People's Congress (Asamblea Nacional del Poder) and the State Council (Consejo de Estado).The executive state authority is owned by the Council of Ministers (Conseo de Ministros).