If you search the sun and sea, Cuba provides it all- including the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. As one of the largest islands of the Antilles, Cuba offers its visitors a varied play of colors from green palms, white beaches up to the turquoise waters of the ocean.
In Cuba, there are over 600 different beaches and only about  15km of that variety belong to the beach line of the capital Havana. Especially popular are the beaches of Santa Maria del Mar and Jibacoa. Shells and corals were ground over the centuries to fine white sand and offer now a wonderful backdrop.

Basically, white beaches predominate in Cuba. Depending on the location, it is also possible to find black beaches, such as the Playa Bibijagua on the Isla de la Juvendad.
The beaches on the island of Cayo Santa Maria are particularly popular with water sports of all kinds - whether surfing, kite surfing or sailing, here you can get your money's worth. The slightly higher wave transitions are almost ideal.

According to the legend, Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 at Playa Esmeralda. Equally popular for tourists and locals, the beach offers very attractive and interesting coral reefs- perfect for divers and snorkelers.