10 reasons to visit the Caribbean!

1. Relaxation: "savoir vivre" - that is what inhabitants of the Caribbean are experienced with. Get caught up in the joy and gladness: Hospitality has particular priority in the Caribbean.

2. 365 days of sunshine a year! No matter when you travel to the Caribbean - it's always warm and you can relax all day on beautiful beaches.

3. Unique plants and animals: In the Caribbean, you will find animals that do not exist anywhere else in the world! Have you ever marveled at the smallest frog in the world?

4. How good it smells! In 1492, Columbus already noted in his journal: "From the land side the scent of flowers and trees was so delicious and sweet that it seemed to be nothing more beautiful in the world." Dive into the fascinating world of the Caribbean odor.

5. Floating Pig: Where else can you splash around with pigs? At Staniel Cay in the Bahamas, the cute little creatures even swim in the sea! The "swimming wild pigs" are very tame and love to be fed with bread.

6. Wildlife Dolphins up close! Pigs are not quite your thing? Experienced tour guides will take you to sandbanks, where you can swim in the shallow water with the dolphins up close. Bathing fun guaranteed!

7. The originator of mojitos. Who could be better at mixing cocktails? Best and freshest ingredients for cocktails with genuine Caribbean feeling!

8. Convenient currency rates. Here, you'll get more for your money! Thanks to the low prices you can afford more. There are shopping centers and traditional markets in abundance!

9. View the underwater spectacle Jenny:  Off the coast of Grenada, there is an active underwater volcano, natives call it "Kick 'em Jenny". Do not worry, the powerful volcano brings the water to boil- but it is absolutely non-hazardous!

10. A celebrity density as in Hollywood: Wether Johnny Depp, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez or Lenny Kravitz - even celebrities love the white beaches and clear waters!