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Accepting Submissions: sx salon

sxsalon: a small axe literary platform www.smallaxe.net/sxsalon
The Small Axe Project has recently launched sx salon: asmall axe literary platform, a new electronic publicationdedicated to literary discussions, interviews with Caribbean literary figures,reviews of new publications (creative and scholarly) related to the Caribbean,and short fiction and poetry by emerging and established Caribbean writers. sxsalon also houses the Small Axe Literary Competition,launched in 2009. 
sx salon  represents both a new project and a continuation of theSmall Axe Project’s ongoing affirmation of the literary as a critical componentof Caribbean cultural production. We envision this space as an open source,easily accessible, online resource for students, teachers and scholars, as wellas a forum for academics in the field to consult for announcements related toCaribbean literary studies.
sx salon  publishes a new issue every two months  andinvites year-round submissions of: Literary Discussions  that engage issues relevant to Caribbean literary studies: 2,000 – 2,500 words Book Reviews  of recent (published no more than two years preceding the date of submission) creative literary works by Caribbean authors or scholarly works related to Caribbean literary studies: 1,000 – 1,200 words Interviews  with Caribbean literary figures: 2,000 – 2,500 words Poetry  and Short Fiction that engage regional and diasporic Caribbean themes and concerns: up to 2 poems or fiction of up to 4,000 words
Submissions must be accompanied by a short bio approximately 50words, which should include information about the author’s location(institutional, geographical, etc.), and publications. Manuscripts should notcontain any information about the author. Please include name, email address,phone number and, if applicable, institutional affiliation with the accompanyingbio
Please visit  smallaxe.net/sxsalon/submissions.php formore detailed guidelines for submissions.

INQUIRIES AND SUBMISSIONS ALL inquiries and submissions must to be sent electronically tothe following addresses: Literary discussions, book reviews, interviews: Kelly Baker Josephs  kbj@smallaxe.net  Short fiction and poetry: Andrea Shaw  andreashaw@smallaxe.net