Trips in Grenada

There are a lot of agencies at Grenada, which provide a variety of excursions around the island. You can decide whether to go by foot, boat, bus or jeep. For example, you can make trips to Fort George, the Annandale Waterfalls, the Forest of Grand Ètang, the spice plantations and rum distilleries- some organizations provide day trips to the close neighbour-islands via airplanes or catamaran. If you would like to see dolphins or whales, you should visit Grenada between April and December. 

The agency First Impression ( offer special boat trips to watch whales. For further information have a look at all agencies: Of course you can also take trips on your own. Most of the attractions of the island can be reached by car or with short walks. Alternatively, you can use minibuses and the very cheap public transport as well as taxis, which can be hired for longer sightseeing trips. The isles in proximity can be reached easily by ferries.