Shopping in Grenada

 Shopping in Grenada is like an expedition- an adventure that is major fun! From exotic spicery to duty-free sales: Grenada provides a big variety of souvenirs for the lovely ones, who'd stayed at home. Grenadian souvenirs are real mood-lifters on rainy days at home. Popular gifts are: spicery-baskets, handmade batik-printings, braid works, leather goods, pictures from native artists, soapes, candles, parfumes, typical Grenadian chocolate, extraordinary parfaits (like nutmeg-marmelade or passion-fruit honey) and not to forget the famous spices and the rum of Grenada.

The colourful market of St.George provides all of these nice goods. There is also fresh food to shop on Saturday mornings. If you're interested in art-work, you should visit Young Street and Carénage. Besides offices and restaurants, in some old colonial mansions are little souvenir-shops hidden. Incidentally, you should respect that the Grenadian do not like to bargain! So, whether you pay the demanded price or you don't buy it at all.

The Grand Anse Shopping Centre and the Marquis Complex with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries are two big malls. Another one is the Spiceland Mall with a lot of shops, too. Duty-free goods are mostly available in the Carénage of St.George and at the international airport of Point Salines. There are extra shops for cosmetics and parfums, called Gittens Duty Free Shops. Bon Voyage sells jewellery and other fancy goods; Colombian Emeralds also offers a variety of jewellery; LAND sells leather goods and Duty Free Caribbean has spirits and souvenirs in its product line.

Obviously, there's a limit for duty-free-shoped goods. You're allowed to take 1 litre of rum to Germany- when older than 17 of course. Do not try to import things you're not allowed to. These include plants and animals, and manufactured animal-products (such as corals) and native American art objects - even if they are (illegally) on sale. The risk that you will be caught is high and then you certainly have to deal with severe punishment! Office and business hours The opening hours in Grenada are not yet handled as generous as in many European countries.

The shops are open from Monday to Thursday from 8am to 4pm (banks close one hour earlier), Friday from 8am to 5pm (post offices close for half an hour earlier) and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm open. Banks and post offices are closed on Saturdays. Souvenir shops are also open on Sundays. The office of the Tourist Departmet (Grenada Board of Tourism) at the port opens daily from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm.