Restaurants in Grenada


 If you favour the typical Grenadian cuisine, you should rather visit Creole restaurants which cook regional dishes traditionally. A variety of hotel restaurants offer also (light) spiced dishes for the European throat and international cuisine.

 The prices for 2-course-menu differ between native restaurant and luxury hotel restaurants. All in all, they fluctuate between EC $ 30 and EC $ 120 (€ 7- € 30). The average price for refreshing drinks is EC $ 2, for a bottle of beer EC $ 4, for spirits EC $ 6 and a bottle wine is about EC $ 20 (about € 5).

 In the following you can find some restaurants with an exquisite national and international cuisine:

 The speciality of Aquarium Beach Club & Restaurant is grilled lobster with a fresh sea-breeze for free. The restaurant opens daily from 10am-10pm. It is recommended to reserve a table for dinner. On Sundays, life bands are playing music. (tel. 444-1410)

The Beach House Restaurant & Bar is an excellent beach restaurant with remarkable fish dishes. Especially in the evenings the atmosphere is very romantic and rather elegant. (tel. 444-4455)

 The restaurant La Belle Creole at the Blue Horizon Garden Resort is known as the best Creole restaurant on this island and boasts with first-class service. It opens daily for each of the three main meals. (tel. 444-4316 or 444-4592)

The Coconut Beach is another French-Creole restaurant, located at the fantastic beach of Grand Anse. It is even possible to rest your feet in fine sand, while having traditional food. The restaurant opens daily from Wednesdays to Mondays from 1.30pm-10pm.

The Nutmeg located in the Carénage of St.George provides a wonderful view at the harbour. The dishes are between EC $ 15-70. 'The Nutmeg' opens daily from 8am-11pm and on Sundays from 4pm-11pm. (tel. 440-2539) 

Patrick's Restaurant and Bar in Lagoon Road/ St.George, offers local homestyle cooking with the special charm of grandmother's recipes- served by the chief, personally. Really yummy!!! Although, you get an entertaining show inclusively, the prices are still appropriate. Please, do not forget to reserve a table at least one night before! (tel. 440-0364)

The True Blue Bay Restaurant ( is a beach restaurant with a daily changing menu. Every day has a different theme. The Carib-Day is placed Tuesdays with traditional steelbands; on Wednesdays there's 'music jam' at sundown; on Saturdays they serve Indian curry dishes; Friday is the Mexican day and Saturdays are very romantically with appropriate live-music. Children have their own menu and a nice playground. It is necessary to make a reservation. The restaurant opens daily from 7.30am-11pm.The little bar allures with Carib-beer and is a favoured meeting point for students at the weekends.

The Callalou by the Sea Restaurant & Bar- located at the wonderful beach of Hillsborough. If offers typical and well-priced Grenadian food.