Local hotels in Grenada

 Apartments and guest houses-

 are called 'Intimate Inns'. Rooms are available from EC $ 140 (€ 35) per night. Homestays Grenada also finds private accommodations from EC $ 100 (€ 25) per night. Furthermore, you can visit courses about Caribbean cuisine and native handcrafting. 


 In the following, you'll find a list of recommended hotels. All hotels are members of Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association (GHTA).

 The Bel Air Plantation Resort (www.BelAirPlantation.com) is located in an exotic garden, which has a width of 7 ha at the port of St. David. The mansions and cottages are built in the typical colonial style that seems very nostalgic- however, they boast with modern establishments.

 The Blue Horizon Garden Resort (www.GrenadaBlueHorizons.com) is a pretty modern apartment complex for self-supply at a comforting standard and just 5 minutes from Grand Anse away. Moreover, it is possible for the guests to use the facilities of the close Spice Island Beach Resort. The 'honeymoon package' includes a bed-room suite with comfy pillows for sweet dreams and modern cooking facilities.

 If you book via travel agencies, the hotel welcomes you with a basket of fruits and a bottle of Prosecco. The Calabash Hotel is a 5-star-complex with British administration provides an exotic garden, wonderful suites in colonial style with whirlpools. Further, there's a German diving school close to the hotel. Bridal couples receive the beach wedding as a gift, when booking the place of residence with demi-pension. 

The Flamboyant Hotel & Villas (www.Flamboyant.com) is a 3-star-complex located on a slope. While having breakfast you can enjoy an unique view at the beach of Grand Anse. The popular crab-races take place on Mondays. Furthermore, a drink at 'The Owl' is absolutely recommended. The service is personally and the staff is glad to fulfil extra requests- especially for bridal couples. Due to the hillside location keep in mind, that there are many stairs to climb.

 The Grenada Grand Beach Resort (www.GrenadaGrand.com) is a family-friendly 4-stars-complex directly located at Grand Anse beach. It provides 240 rooms, an exotic garden and a big pool area with whirlpools. Marriage arrangements are for free, when staying longer than 10 nights.

 The Grenadian by Rex Resort (www.rexresorts.com) provides more than 212 rooms and suites, different in size and location. Some boast with a magnificent sea-view to the capital city on the opposite side. The La Luna is a very exclusive complex with 16 little chalets and hammocks on the private wooden porch. The outside appearance looks rather simple, however, that baffles- because the interior decoration provides pure modern luxury. Further, the romantic beach restaurant offers finest Italo-American cuisine. Attention, please: you might spot here some VIP's!!! 

The La Sagesse Nature Center Hotel & Restaurant (www.LaSagesse.com) is-obviously- located in La Sagesse in the south-east of Grenada. The rose-coloured hotel building was once a plantation, nowadays it is equipped with simple furnished rooms and is almost directly located at the dark beach.

 The Spice Island Beach Resort (www.SpiceBeachResort.com) is a very exclusive 5-star-hotel at the beach of Grand Anse with 64 luxurious mansions in Caribbean style. Even, a German diving school is nearby. Many guests recommend the amazing pool-mansions. Every room provides flat-screens and DVD players. The hotel presents a very nice view to St.George and the mountains. There's also a special arrangement for bridal couples with a cruise at sundown a day after the marriage, a room-upgrade, a Swedish-massage, Prosecco and a fruit basket- under the condition of staying at least 10 nights. The wedding arrangement costs about EC $ 2400 (€ 600) and implies additionally a dinner for two. To avoid a battle at the buffet, the hotel calls itself 'fully inclusive' rather than 'all inclusive' and serves every meal, whereas the dinner boasts with an outstanding 6-course-menu and high-quality drinks.

 Another two highly recommended hotels The Silver Beach Hotel is located on a beach estate with a width of about 12000 m². The guests have the choice between modern beach rooms and cottages for self-supply.The Kido Ecological Research Station is located on a forested mountain-chain in the north-west of Carriacou. This research station between the beach of Anse la Roche and the nature park High North provides accommodation for ecological interested people. Of course, it is possible to book guided nature-trips. Further, you have direct access to the beach and the reefs and can enjoy a view of spectacular sundown.