Rental car in Grenada

 The road system in Grenada is for such a small country quite tight. Most of these roads are paved and generally in a fair condition. So these are ideal conditions to rent a car and drive by yourself. The rental rates are between $ 40 and 60 (about € 20-50) per day. It is enough to have an EU driving license and a Grenadian driving permission that is available by the car depot or on the central police station at the port, for about € 9. To rent a car, you have to be at least 21 years old.

In the winter season and in the busy season of summer (July /August) many car rental companies require rents for at least three days. In addition to some international car rental companies (like Avis and Dollar), there are about a dozen domestic operators in Grenada and three on Carriacou.

You should rent a car of a trusted company and make sure that you are adequately insured. Do not forget to check the car of predamages and safety beforehand! If you do not understand the contract you have to sign, you better ask before you agree with it.

At Grenada you drive on the left side of the road- the old British tradition. Central Europeans usually get used to, since all the rental cars have the wheel on the right side. It takes a little bit of getting used to the car horn. This is not a random honking as ours, but has a fixed meaning. On the narrow, winding mountain roads it can be quite useful: honk four times means, "May I pass?" honk three times: "Yeah, sure" honk twice: "Thank you" and a simple honk means, "Please!"

It sometimes happens that you get lost. Grenada's not at all perfectly signposted. But in this case the locals are glad to help. So, stop for asking and they will show you the way. You can also rent scooters and mountain bikes.