Food and water in Grenada

 The Grenadian cuisine reflects the variety of Caribbean cooking. The Grenadian set value on regional products such as fruits, spicery and fresh sea-fish. Westindian-Creole meals receive their typical taste from the island's spicery. It is quite common, to mix up everything with a pinch of nutmeg- even for candy and ice-cream of coffee. The Grenadian favour nutmeg and consider it as a very healthy spice. They even believe that a piece of nutmeg in your pocket prevents you from a heart-attack. The Grenadian dispose not only the stone of the nutmeg- they also use the yellow skin to confect syrup and jelly.

 The 'Mazis'- that is the red, fibered, seed-cover which encases the stone- is dried at wood constructions and later used as a spice for meat, food preservation or the lipstick production. Further, the strong capsule which covers the stone is cracked and spread out on flower-beds to keep the moisture in the soil. Overall, the stone is not only used as spice but manufactured for soaps, massage-oils and cosmetics. A highly recommended oil against arthritis is called 'Nutmed'. A delicacy of the Grenadian cuisine is Callaloo soup. The main ingredients are vegetables- 'Callaloo'! You can also use taro, tannia or amaranth.

 Curious? Try the soup at home to get the unique Caribbean feeling at your place. If you're not able to get any of the veggies, just apply spinach to the meal. And here's the recipe: 1 kg taro, tannia or amaranth 2 onions 4 cloves of garlic 2 tsp of Curry powder 200 g Okra 1-2 pieces of vegetable stock 100 ml coconut milk Stew the onions in a pan. Then, add garlic, Okra and sliced veggies and some curry. Finally, add the coconut milk and the stock- then puree the mass to a smooth soup and season the taste with salt, pepper, and nutmeg.Enjoy your meal!

A very exotic national dish is Oildown. The Oildown contains meat, breadfruit, onions, carrots, celery, Taro and dumplings- which have to be steamed in coconut-milk until they've soaked the moisture completely. A lot of restaurants offer 'Grenadian Caviar' (sea urchin roe), 'Lambi' (tender mussel meat) and a fish meal called 'Stuffed Jacks'. Papaya in cheese-sauce, that sounds irritating- still, it is a highly recommended and yummy desert. Of course, you cannot have strong drinks with rum all day long- though, you might like the light and sweet-tasting Carib-beer to refresh yourself.