Buses and taxis in Grenada

 If you only need to travel short distances, you are well served by public transport such as buses or taxis. For big buses have no place in Grenada, and so a special way of transport is very common here: the small bus with about 16 seats. (This does not necessarily mean that only 16 using the bus!)

The minibuses head for any angle of the two largest islands, are cheap and offer a good opportunity to meet with locals to talk. Most of these mini buses are on the pier near the Market Square of St. George. You can get off where you want: just knock on the bus roof! A ticket costs - depending on the distance - between EC $ 0.80 and EC $ 6.00. An overland trip from St. George's to Sauteurs costs by bus around € 4 per passenger, heading to La Sagesse is about half as much. On Carriacou is the fare from Harvey Vale to Windward just over € 3; to Hillsborough it's about half the price. In other words, public transport is affordable for everyone! A taxi from the airport from Point Salines to St. George is around € 7.50 and also affordable (after all, the price includes all passengers).

Trips outside of St. George cost approximately € 0.75 per km on the first 16 km, then about € 0,55 / km. Between 6pm and 6 am a night surcharge of approximately € 3 per trip is added. On Carriacou, a taxi ride from the airport Lauriston to Hillsborough costs around € 4.50, to Windward it's about € 7.50. One can hire taxis at a fixed price for a whole day and go on a sightseeing tour. Taxi drivers like to play the role of tourist guide. All taxis have numberplates with 'H' for Hire!