Entry and Departures

The conditions of entry for Grenada are very simple for the most vacationers: To enter, all visitors must show that they have booked a return or onward journey. For this purpose it is sufficient that they provide a return ticket or a ticket for a cruise. As citizens of the EU, Switzerland and certain other countries, you also need a passport that is valid at least for six months. Children who do not have their own passport must be included in the passport of an accompanying parent. For further information, please contact the Grenadian Embassy in Brussels: +322 2237303.

Besides duty-free imports for the personal travel, a liter of wine or spirits, 226 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars or 200 cigarettes. For cash, there is no limit. Because of the risk that diseases could be introduced into the country you are not allowed to bring any fresh food. And of course it is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, ammunition and drugs!

Skippers who come with their own boat to Grenada must observe some special provisions (details can be found at www.GrenadaGrenadines.com /boat_customs.html). So they must show the passenger lists triplicate and submit identification documents and immigration cards for all disembarking passengers and crew. Moreover, they have to make statements to the ship for cargo and health and show the last port clearance. On the island of Grenada, the immigration and customs clearance can be found at five different sites (St. George's, L'Anse aux Épine, Prickly Bay, St.David's Bay and Grenville). On Carriacou the customs clearance is set in Hillsborough. The relevant offices are usually open from Mondays through Thursdays from 8am to 11:45am and 1pm to 4pm on Friday afternoon and on weekends from 9am to 1pm.

 For further information, please pay a visit to this homepage:  www.GrenadaGrenadines.com / marina.html