Waterfalls in Grenada

In the water-rich mountain areas of Grenada about two dozen fascinating waterfalls have developed, some are attainable without great effort and you are usually safe to ‘shower’ or a swim - like in the Tarzan movie. The Annandale Falls for example lie on the outskirts of the capital, St. George's.

 In Concord Valley can be found even three falls, the Concord Falls. The bottom is perfect for swimming and is easily accessible from the street, while the two falls above are only accessible on foot. The highest waterfall is the Royal Mount Caramel Falls (also called the Marquis Falls) with 21 meters of height. They can be reached by car too, but here is a small entrance fee to pay: EC $ 2 (approx. € 0.70) due. Only accessible on foot, are the Victoria Falls on the foothills of Mount St. Catherine in the district of St. Mark (they are smaller than the eponymous waterfalls in Africa, but this one here is rather undisturbed).

Seven Sisters- as the locals call a group of waterfalls in the vicinity of the Reserve Grand Ètang- are just reachable by foot. As the waterfalls are located on private land you should only visit with a guide.