Plantations in Grenada

These incredible scents! Actually, you only pursue the aroma and the track will lead you to a 'Spice Estate' eventually. 'Estate' means the typical Grenada plantations or farms, where traditionally grown products such as spices and sugar cane are simultaneously processed.

Spice plantations The fact that Grenada has earned its reputation as 'Spice Island of the Caribbean', visitors notice it right after arriving, when a gentle breeze blows the unmistakable scent of exotic spices around the island. In fact, statistics show that in Grenada's territory more spices grow per square kilometre than in any other place on earth!

Most of the spices growing here today are originally from the Far East. As the spice-growing in Asia and European imports from the East decreased, farmers in Grenada took the chance and boosted the production of their own spices to fill the gap of request.

The main product is nutmeg! 7,000 nutmeg farmers supply three cooperatives at Grenada and this production even covers a full third of global demand. We therefore can say with complete justification, that some of the "spice of life" comes from Grenada -probably you also have something from Grenada in your own spice rack. In addition to Muscat, the Grenades cultivate mainly pimento, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, bayleaf (West Indian Bay) and curcuma (turmeric).

If you are interested in spices and their history, their cultivation and processing you should definitely visit Laura's Herb and Spice Gardens in Perdmontemps (St. David) (tel.443 2604). Here you can also buy cheap spices. Admission costs only EC $ 5 (approx. € 1.30).

At a visit at the Grenada Chocolate Company on the Belmont Estate you can witness how local ingredients are processed: The typical tasty Grenada chocolate with cocoa, real vanilla and of course sugar. There is an appending farm located about a mile away from the factory - so every ingredient gets fresh to the factory! In addition, Grenada provides a lot of guided tours to the many 'Spice Estates'. These are the true adventures for the senses. Here you can learn everything about the harvest and processing of spices, which many of us know only packed.

It is also possible to take some spicery home- so you have the unique smell of Grenada in your own place. You can easily book the tours as excursions at the local travel agencies.

In the following, plantations and spice estates to visit: 

● Belmont Estate (St. Patrick): a 300 years old plantation with a chocolate factory (, museum, an old cemetery and a restaurant (please reserve a lunch before 9am) tel.: 442-9524 oder -9526.● Dougaldston Spice Estate (Gouyave, St. John):a very traditionally establishment; tel. 444‑0426.● Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station (Gouyave, St. John): one of the biggest factories at Grenada, where nutmeg is processed; guided tours are offered from: US‑$ 1 ( € 0,70). There is another nutmeg processing factory at Grenville.

Rumplantations and distilleries Long before the cultivation of spices, just after the discovery of Grenada by the Europeans, sugar cane was grown for the production of rum. Nothing has changed over the centuries. Even today you can see at cross-country trips vast sugar cane fields.

The rum is produced in Grenada in a very traditional way: pressing force of water, fermented in copper pots and hand-bottled and labeled. Also, most rum distilleries offer tours, where the production process is explained. Often, the cost of the tour contains something very special: a taste-test, assumed you are allowed to drink alcohol and off wheels. Another reason why an organized trip with return and transport is recommended!

Of course, rum and exotic fruits almost demand for some delicious cocktails. And the Grenades are very creative in making cocktails. What is better than a chilled rum punch with a pinch of nutmeg or a piña colada at sunset on the beach?

You can visit the following rum distilleries:

 ● Dunfermline Rum Distillery (St. Andrew): this private distillery is more than 200 years old and owns a mill and a shop for selling rum; 2.5 miles off Grenville ● River Antoine Rum Distillery (River Antoine, St. Patrick): the oldes rum-business in the whole Caribbean, still operated by a mill, guided tours from Tuesday to Saturday for about US‑$ 2 ( € 1,40) (tel. 442‑7109). Westerhall Rum Distillery (St. David): a very historical distillery, where you can look at some ancient tools and machines from the past