Though, there are no fire-breathing mountains at Grenada anymore- the mighty volcanoes which spit lava once are still vivid at the landscape. 

The highest mountain of Grenada, St. Catherine, was a volcano itself and the big lakes of Antoine and Grand Ètang (French: big lake) arose in the blocked cones of the volcano- caldera, too. Thanks to the volcanic landscape, Grenada has a very fertile soil, where the green tropical plants can grow and blossom such as mahogany, eucalyptus trees, cedars and many, many other colourful flowers. Moreover, walks around th island are secure and comfortable and there is no danger of wild animals in the depth of the rainforest. Here one meets at most a few harmless geckos, armadillos, or the small-Mona monkeys.

Grenada takes the protection of the nature very seriously! Of course, it is permitted to take animals with you or destroy the natural environment while scraping your name in tree-barks like ‘Sweety and Honey were here, 2009’!
Moreover, you must be careful not to pollute this unique island and therefore do not leave any rubbish.