Get married in Grenada

Grenada is pure romance and the picturesque landscape is just perfect for a wedding at the beach, under waterfalls, at the harbour or even on a boat. Grenada offers ideal conditions, while the red tape is limited to a minimum and the fees are extremely low. Couples can also ask for a registrar or a priest! Hotels, event agencies or wedding planners provide on-the-spot support and will help with the locations, photographers, flower-arrangements, wedding-cakes and champagne. They take care of all formalities and there are even German translators if necessary. Don't worry about the witnesses of your wedding- in that case, volunteers are glad to help out.

The tourist-office provides detailed information about required departments, if you want to take care of the bureaucracy yourself. A very special arrangement is the 'jungle marriage': Me Tarzan, you Jane- let's marry! The ceremony takes place in the depth of the rainforest and you'll say 'I do' below cascades and afterwards you'll take a refreshing swim at the 'Honeymoon Pool', totally undisturbed. This arrangement is about EC$ 2880- 3400. The price includes all formalities, transports, decorations, drinks and the cake for the couple with up to six guests.

Somewhat cheaper is the wedding at the beach- with all formalities, transports, flower-arrangements, drinks, cake and photographer. It costs about EC $ 1500. After the ceremony with a colourful flower arch- the rainforest cathedral- and a walk at the beach, a steel-band is playing during the candlelight dinner. Especially Grand Anse or Morne Rouge are great locations for this kind of wedding.

You can also have a wonderful wedding on a boat- surrounded by the bright blue sea. The 'timeshel' for example is a solemnly decorated catamaran. Right after the ceremony, the registrar and witnesses leave with a second boat and you can enjoy your privacy at the yacht. The prices for the yacht fluctuate between EC $ 3150- 4000. The rent for one afternoon at the yacht includes all formalities, transports, decorations, drinks and lunch.

A significant condition to get a legal marriage license is to reside in Grenada for at least three days. At the third day, you can order your arrangements and pay the red-tape fees, about EC $ 40. The couple must go to the office of the Prime Minister to make their claim. Usually, the marriage license is certificated within two working days. If one is divorced, the application may take longer, because the papers have to be verified by the ministry of justice. So, it is very important that you calculate some time and consider potential holidays taking part in this slot.

It doesn't work at Grenada without red tape at all. The following documents are required: valid passports, birth certification, solemn declaration of a cleric, a lawyer or a government agency affirming that the couple isn't married yet or if necessary, a certification of death of a former spouse and an official statement for a potential change of name. If you're not at least 21 years old, you need additionally a notarial verified declaration of your legal guardian. All documents need to be composed in English. Otherwise, a certified translation needs to be added. Medical examinations aren't necessary in Grenada.

Before returning home you can leave the marriage certificate on the (honorary) certified consulate of the home country (for Germany: tel. 440 7260). The registry office at home can raise German documents, if requested. Special arrangements for marriages provide the following hotels: Bel Air Plantation Resort, Blue Horizons Garden Resort Calabash Hotel, Coyaba Garden Resort on the Beach, Flamboyant Hotel & Villas, Grenada Grand Beach Resort, The Grenadian by rex resorts, Spice Iceland Beach Resort True Blue Bay Resort. In some of these hotels, the wedding package is free if you book a minimum number of nights. Following German travel businesses offer the wedding packages to Grenada: Airtours, Adio Direct, DigTours, Dertour, Extra Tours, Fly & Travel Service, Caribbean Inside, Krügl travel, Libos finished touring, Meier's world travel, Neckermann Travel, reba Tourism , travel fever Voss, Roger Tours, Scuba Diving Hübner, Thomas Cook Travel, Travel Worldwide Trend and TUI.