Festivals and holidays in Grenada

 The Grenadian are so excited about the carnival, they even celebrate it twice every year: once on Monday and "Shrove Tuesday"(as in Germany) in Carriacou and Petite Martinique, then again on the second weekend in August in Grenada. As in Europe, the Carnival in Grenada is an opportunity to make fun of those in power - in the past, the black slaves were allowed to go about their owners and that even unpunished. They gave the Carnival in Grenada an African touch that it has kept until today. The participants of the parades dance with umbrellas and giant palm fronds through the streets, rattling hand and leg irons, or paint the audience with splashes of colour. Among this, there's a competition going on where the best songs for the parade is selected- a Sout American tradition.

The humorous 'Spice Laugh Festival' is a traditional joke on three days in April. Theatre groups are play cheerfully packed scenes from their everyday lives. Of course it may happen that a foreigner does not understand every allusion, but one can indeed easily be infected by laughter. Of course, music festivals are also popular like the annual 'Grenada Drum Festival' in early May or the' Carriacou Maroon Music Festival' at Easter, where you can hear the African-inspired Maroon music, thanksgiving hymns and songs formed during sowing and harvest. At both parties drums play a significant role. The drum festival on Grenada has its origin in the town of Tivoli in the northeast of the island. The 'Tivoli Drummers' have their own style, and since 1995 they are trying to inspire their compatriots as well as the leisure travellers with the festival. Actually, Grenada presents always something throughout ever season. If it's not just major national festivals and events, you can watch at least small regional or local celebrations. Visitors are always welcome to participate!

As the seven counties of Grenada are named after saints, each of these districts ("parishes"), celebrates its patron on the name day. Best known are the feasts of St Mark, David and Patrick. Typical city festivals are the Rainbow City Festival in Grenville (in August) and the "Fisherman's Birthday" in Gouyave (in June). All these festivals are celebrated in the streets with music and plenty of food and drinks.

Since 1977 the island of Carriacou celebrates its own cultural heritage starting with the Carriacou Parang Festival. At this festival the so-called Parang- and Hosanna bands arecompeting against each other - "Carriacou Idol"!

The holidays are mostly leading back to European and religious traditions: New Year (January 1) Independence Day (February 7), St. Patrick's Day (17 March), Easter (Sunday and Monday), Labour Day (May 1) , Pentecost, Corpus Christi, "Birthday of the Fisherman"(Peter and Paul, June 29), Day of emancipation (slavery) (1st Monday in August), Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving for the intervention of the United States and neighbouring countries in Grenada in 1983 (25 October) and Christmas (December 25 and 26).