Entertainment in Grenada

 Even there aren't any big events at Grenada you can have a nice time there. Music and dancing with drummers and steel bands are offered in the larger hotels up to three times a week as nightly live entertainment.

It is a lot of fun, when for example guests practising Limbo for the first time. The nightlife outside the hotels is rather rare and perhaps it is because they sing and dance everywhere - there is only one disco in the whole country, 'Fantazia' (tel. 444 2288). It opens at midnight, and then you can party all night long. Admission costs only EC $ 7 (approx. € 1.80). Otherwise, there are a few night clubs, for example, the 'Bananas Night Club' (tel. 444 4662) and 'The Owl Sports Bar' (tel. 444 4247) at the Flamboyant Hotel (www.Flamboyant.com). Karaoke is provided by the 'Creole Shack' at the Carénage of St. George's.

There are also three cinemas in Grenada- the 'Deluxe Cinema'(Grenville, St.Andrew), the 'Reno Cinema'(Lagoon Road, St. George's) and the multiplex cinema 'Cineplex Triple Reel' at the mall Excel Plaza. Here you can watch movies, mainly U.S. American origin.