Beaches in Grenada

The coast of Grenada is formed quite uneven with a lot of small bays- that is, because Grenada boasts so many hills.

During thousands of year’s water, wind and weather have crumbled the corals to fine, white sand. Over 40 beaches provide soft sand where you can walk bare-foot, what is really healthy, too. There is also the even softer black sand which comes from the island’s volcano rocks. Special towels for the beach are available in every hotel- though you should not use the bath-towels.

Fortunately, you must not set the clock to get a place to let yourself get toasted at the beaches of Grenada. You’ll find a place in the sun any time! However, it is worth to get sometimes up early- no matter how hard it seems. The beaches are fantastic for an early-morning walk, when the sun is not burning yet. You can also spot some fishers, who are on their way back from night-fishing. At the same time, the early-birds, mostly seniors, take their morning swim in the fresh. Of course, men and woman are separated and the outdated bathing clothes look sometimes very funny. Nevertheless, the conservative Grenades fancy reticent swim-suits and tourists are expected to respect that.

The most famous beaches are in the south-west of the island. In that area, not far away from the capital, the popular beach of Grand Anse is located. There are even some hotels nearby. Though, they do not disturb the rest of Grenada because they’re not supposed to be built higher than three-storey. So, the hotels do not overlook the wonderful palm-trees.

It is also worth to visit the bay of La Sagesse in the south-east of the isle with a beach of your dreams- right between palm-trees and mangroves. Once, there has been a plantation but in the meantime changed into La Sagesse Nature Center and the beach-house of the plantation became a little world. Further, amazing beaches are L’Anse aux Épines (St. George), Bathway Beach (St. Patrick), Benago Beach, Black Bay Beach (St. John), Devil’s Bay Beach (St. George), Duquesne Bay (St. Mark), Levera Beach (St. Patrick), Magazin Beach (St. George), Meadow Beach, Morne Rouge Beach (St. George), Parc à Bœuf (St. George), Petit Bacaye Beach (St. David), Le Petit Trou Beach (St. David), Pingouin (Pink Gin) Beach (St. George) and Portici Beach (St. George).

Speaking of, one of the most beautiful beaches of Carriacou is Anse La Roche- a majority of the people think it is the nicest beach in the whole Caribbean. 
Other beaches at Carriacou are L’Esterre Bay Beach, Petit Carénage Beach and Tyrrel Bay Beach.