Cycling (Mountainbiking)

 Grenada offers an ideal terrain for cyclists who are not too shy for challenging paths. Because of the hilly and mountainous landscape- mountain biking is ideal. This sport has become more and more popular in recent years. The most exciting tours are through the rain forest to the mysterious dark crater. Mountain bikers especially like the less developed north of the popular tourist island Grenada.

For example, there are nice trails along the northwest coast, through the rain forest and the spice town of Gouyave to Concord Falls. Day trips by bike in Grenada include organized Trail Blazer Tours (tel. 444 5337) for U.S. $ 60 (approx € 50). You can also rent a mountain bike just for your own trips - for U.S. $ 15 (approx € 5) per day.Carriacou is also great for off-road mountain biking: for example through the Belair National Park, to the vantage point of Top Hill and back to the beautiful palm-fringed beaches of the island.