Grenada - Land of spicery

Grenada is a tiny island and part of the Antilles. This unique location can be spotted in an uncountable variety of travel brochures and magazines: bathing under cascade, diving, surfing and sailing as well as mountain-biking and walking-tours in the heart of Grenada. 

However, the natives know exactly how

to protect their little Caribbean island. Ecotourism is part of the government’s strategy to achieve the natural beauty of the island world. A significant part of Grenada is a nature conversation area. The variety of fauna and flora is one-of-a-kind and framed by more than 40 white sandy beaches. Further, the harmony of the Caribbean country is not disturbed by big hotels- on the contrary the hotels in Grenada must not be higher than the palm-trees.

The hotels are manageable and far away 

from mass-tourism. Moreover, there are various accommodations for every taste and every budget. Another stunning part of Grenada is its culture- for example, the little colourful rows of houses in the capitol St. George located in the picturesque slopes of the hills and the typical spice plantations and Rum distilleries. 

Spicery and fruits are growing closer

in Grenada than in any other country: cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, pepper and more. The typical spices can also be seen at the country’s banner.