Cuba - A natural jewel of the Caribbean

Cuba is not only the largest Caribbean island, it also boasts a great potential for adventure. The wild woods behind the capital Havana are still largely untouched and full of surprises. In particular, Cuba's biodiversity of flora and fauna is unique - there is not such a variety in any other island all over the world.


If you search the sun and sea, Cuba provides it all - including the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. As one of the largest islands of the Antilles, Cuba offers its visitors a ... Learn more about Cubas beaches

Size and location

Cuba is located in the Caribbean! But where is it exactly? The island nation of Cuba is located between the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea and is part of the Greater Antilles. The state ... More about Cuba's size and location


There are two different types of night life in Cuba: On the one hand, the traditional Cuban night life and on the other side, there are entertainment programs offered by hotels in the hotel facilities ... Learn more about the entertainment

Caribbean Travel

White beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees - detailed information and insider tips all about the Caribbean islands!

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Vacation planning

Here we go! We help to make your individual Caribbean vacation an unforgettable experience. You can find checklists, tips and tricks here.

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